About Us

For the past 33 years we have published Packtech, bilingual in Arabic English servicing the Middle East & North African regions. Year after year and with every article in every edition, Packtech has become the prime source for upto-date technical and industrial education to the food & beverage processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging industries in these regions. From shop floor to general manager’s levels, they all read Packtech editions to keep abreast of the technology development and understand its industrial applications. Most of, if not all, the technical colleges and universities in these regions are using our journals as the main education material source for graduates who one day will become industrial leaders.

Packtech Middle East & North Africa is an essential magazine to any professional working in the industry in the region. Every issue of Packtech strives to keep its readers up to date with latest industry news, product information and key issues that can assist their day to day business.

Packtech is a unique magazine dedicated to the food & beverage processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging industries covering the Middle East & North Africa. Packtech continues to publish skilful technical editorial to inform readers about the latest technology and its applications, global industrial and events news.

Apart from the very important educational and informative roles the magazine has to offer the Middle East and North African industries; it also assists the worldwide manufacturers in marketing their products and technology in these regions in Arabic or in dual languages. Packtech exists to serve the interests of the Arab food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging industry with their links with the developed worlds best machinery, equipment, materials and new technology manufacturers and suppliers.

By launching www.packtechmag.com our aim is to further our educational role in the region’s industries, using the latest digital communications facilities available so to make our publications more accessible to all our readers.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.