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Selig to Share its Innovative Sealing Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry at Gulfood Manufacturing

Selig, a leading manufacturer of packaging sealing solutions will be using Gulfoods Manufacturing to showcase its GlassFuze™, Safe-Gard Plus™ and Lift ‘n’ Peel™ products. Each of these products delivers a tangible customer benefit in the food and beverage industry including the ability to seal liquids in glass containers, offering packaging protection and end-user ease-of-use respectively.
Selig’s new GlassFuze™ technology is the first and only sealing solution that provides a fully hermetic seal to glass, even for products that contain liquids, oils or fatty substances. It is a pioneering technology that opens the way for food and beverage manufacturers to use glass in even more applications. Using the induction heat sealing method, GlassFuze™ achieves a fully hermetic seal on glass containers which provides the industry with multiple consumer benefits. 
The sealing technology creates a barrier that is fully resistant to oxygen and moisture, thereby increasing the shelf-life of the product inside. Selig adds in a secondary liner cap to the sealing solution which ensures no debris or contamination reaches the product inside once the seal is broken. The seal is also tamper-evident which provides retailers with an added level of security.  
Safe-Gard Plus™ will also be on show, offering food producers in warmer climates a highly effective sealing solution. This two-piece, wax laminated range of induction lining materials provides the ultimate in tamper evident sealing. In addition, its superior wax formulation ensures increased performance in hotter climates and its upgraded backing board results in improved hygiene and minimal foreign body contamination. 
Selig will also be demonstrating why its Lift ‘n’ Peel™ induction seals are the consumer seal of choice in many applications. In a recent research project¹, one third of consumers confirmed that they would switch from their usual products to a brand that used Selig’s Lift ‘n’ Peel™ range of induction seals; the main reasons being convenience and ease of removal. Specifically engineered to provide a strong hermetic, easy to open seal as well as having the possibility to be printed with a logo or design, the liners are popular with manufacturers and consumers alike. 
Peter Tindale, Sales Director at Selig says, “We’re excited to attend this show with our most recent advances in packaging sealing solutions. GlassFuze™ is an exciting development that opens up a world of opportunities to food and beverage manufacturers and Safe-Gard Plus™ and Lift ‘n’ Peel™ are firm customer and end user favourites. With an already large market share in Europe, we are looking to bring the benefits of Selig’s sealing technology to an even wider audience of food and beverage manufacturers across the Middle East in the coming year.”

For more information about Selig please visit us at The World Trade Centre, Dubai, American Pavillion from 29th - 31st October 2019 or visit us online: