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Algerian Beverage Producer SARL Nomade Modernizes its Production Facilities and Opts for Technology from KHS 

A growing population and rise in living standards mean that there is a high demand for water in Algeria. Instead of drinking water from the tap, people are increasingly turning to water filled into PET bottles. Accordingly, the number of local bottlers is also on the increase. One company which established itself on the hotly contested market some time ago is SARL Nomade. In doing so, it opted for plant engineering from KHS. During the recent modernization of its production facilities and expansion of its capacities, the Dortmund systems supplier was SARL Nomade’s first port of call. 

On its founding in 1998 SARL Nomade started operations by filling soda pop in the small capacity range in Akbou, a town about 150 kilometers west of the capital of Algiers. Over the passage of time the company has specialized in the bottling of spring water. There are many reasons for this.

SARL Nomade not only finds itself at the source of supply in the figurative sense; it also benefits from its geographical location in Algeria’s Soummam Valley which is famous for the excellent quality of its water. The Algerian beverage producer still bottles its water from the springs here under the Ayris brand which was launched in 2004. The mineral water originates from the south slopes of the Djurdjura Mountains. “The pure, sparkling snow gives us fresh, light water rich in minerals,” claims the company website.

The amount of water consumed in the cities is constantly on the rise; more and more water is also being used in farming. As the tap water here contains a high amount of chalk, people prefer to buy spring water off the supermarket shelf for their baby food or coffee. The demand for the Ayris brand is thus constantly increasing on the Algerian market. “The majority of the population now favors water in PET bottles,” says Yasmine Brahimi, who works for KHS as project manager for Africa and the Middle East.

Growth in demand 
With the growth in demand having pushed SARL Nomade to the limits of its capacity, company manager Hamid Chalabi recently decided to extend his production operations with the help of an InnoPET BloFill stretch blow molder/filler block. “To put it quite simply, KHS had us convinced,” says Makhlouf Boukhata, technical plant manager for SARL Nomade. Another decisive factor was that over the past few years KHS has increased its regional presence to cover the whole of the African market. “We’re now much more strongly represented locally and know the market,” states Brahimi, a native Algerian. Initial contact was made with those responsible at SARL Nomade through Markus Auinger, executive vice-president of Market Zone Middle East/Africa, who managed the project together with Brahimi and Jens Rodrian, sales representative at KHS. “From first making contact to the commissioning of the system our work together was characterized by mutual trust and appreciation,” says Brahimi. 

“We were chiefly convinced by the reliability of the KHS machines,” explains Boukhata, who also appreciates the compactness of the space-saving system. Connecting the stretch blow molder directly to the filler eliminates the need for the air conveyor, feed plate and bottle rinser. The stretch blow molder/filler block from KHS enables up to 81,000 bottles per hour to be produced. According to SARL Nomade it fills 40,000 bottles an hour containing 0.33, 0.5 and 1.5 liters. “We now work much more efficiently,” Boukhata claims. “Not only have we considerably increased our capacity; we’re also benefitting from fast format changeovers and automatic operation.” Since commissioning the line the amount of energy used has also dropped considerably.

After-sales service convincing
Boukhata is not just satisfied with the machine itself but also with the cooperation in general. “Together we’ve developed a new, modern bottle design with the help of the Bottles and Shapes™ program.” Boukhata is also convinced by the after-sales service offered by KHS. “When we have questions, we receive help quickly and without any fuss. We're very pleased.” 

As a result of the trust in KHS won through their first KHS line, SARL Nomade then placed a further order with KHS in 2018 – for a turnkey PET line for the bottling of carbonated and non-carbonated water. “We want to diversify and expand our portfolio,” company manager Chalabi explains, with fruit juices and carbonated soft drinks envisaged in the near future. With its new line SARL Nomade will replace an older one. “This then completes our program of modernization. Opting for KHS was absolutely the right thing to do,” says Chalabi. This is also what he tells other beverage producers, some of whom recently came to view the modern production setup and plant machinery. “The response has been 100% positive,” smiles Boukhata. “Those responsible at the various companies are always impressed. The machines made by the Dortmund systems provider are of high quality. We wanted German quality – and this is what we got. That’s what KHS stands for.”

SARL Nomade was founded in 1998 by Hamid Chalabi. At the outset it bottled soda pop; since 2004 SARL Nomade has specialized in the filling of Ayris spring water into PET bottles. Since the company was established its production facilities have been constantly expanded and modernized to meet the growing demand. 

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